Proudly born and raised in Malaysia, I-Secret

is a constantly evolving innovative herbal skin care & beauty brand dedicated to bringing you the best in chemical free products.

Many mainstream products contain chemicals that are easily absorbed into the skin and can enter the blood stream. Ingredients within these products can also inhibit the skin’s ability to breathe and can be linked to skin and other health conditions.

Natural and organic products are free of chemicals, pesticide and other toxins, meaning it is better for your body and the environment.

We’re all about affordability and inclusivity and encourage our community of beauty enthusiasts to make the most out of products. We don’t just follow the trends. We create them. Our brand provides endless choices to accommodate our differences. We acknowledge that every single person is unique and we are each in control of our own beauty destiny.

At I Secret we believe we have a responsibility to be our best selves by taking care of our bodies and showing compassion to others in need. I Secret customers are beautiful inside and out. Our natural and organic skin care and organic beauty products carry the story of women and men empowered by your purchase.

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