Diva Care Herbal Pad – Heavy Flow


Diva Care is world’s first formulated herbal pad uses Neem and Mint. Diva Care Herbal Pad (Heavy Flow) is suitable for all ages as early as 13 years and over. It helps to prevent any leakage during heavy menstrual and it always dry and comfortable when doing activities. It contains 8 pcs per pack.



  • Natural cotton layer
  • Free from chlorine bleaching
  • Thin yet high absorption
  • Hygiene and  free from chemical trace
  • Using only the best extract of Mint and Neem
  • Easy disposable 

How to Use

Step 1 : Pull of paper strip or wrapper.

Step 2 : Attach sticky part securely to center of underwear.

Step 3 : For wings, peel of paper strips and wrap around sides of underwear.

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