Herbal Brightening Cream


Give your skin a herbal treat today with I Secret Herbal Brightening Cream. Visibly reduces uneven skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation for a dewy and radiant skin. Plush skincare to enhance skin radiance and natural glow.


You’ll absolutely love I-Secret Herbal Brightening Cream. It makes your skin to glow , reducing melanin , pimples and dark spots! It is paraben free too!

  • Prevents your skin from peeling and thinning
  • Protects your skin from any radical bacteria
  • Nurturing a bright and glowing skin
  • Moisturises your skin for intense radiance and glow
  • Removes black spots and provides an even skin tone
  • Reduces acne problems
  • Restores healthy skin over scars
  • Reduces oil pore problems
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